Friday, April 8, 2011


I think most of you non-muslims will agree with me that Islam isn't a good thing. Especially the sharia laws. Like Singing and dancing is forbidden, all men NEED to have a beard, all women need to be home, jewelry is forbidden, women can't work, you can't show your face (only eyes I think).If you don't obey these rules, will you get punished by a whip, or maybe lose a finger or two. Of course, not every muslim family have it like this, but these are the rules for Islam.
    They believe that when you bomb yourself in public, you will go to heaven and meet lovely virgins. I mean, what the f....? People should believe in what they want, but without hurting others. For me no religion makes sense, but Islam is just some brain washing shit.
   As I said before, not every family have it like this, but there are a lot of people who takes their religion way too serious. Please leave your opinion about Islam and muslims in the comments.


  1. that very narrow view of Islam is unfortunately the most popular. :(

  2. This is awesome post! Love it! keep up the great work!